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What products does A.G.A.S. offer?
What is A.G.A.S. specialty?
How can I order products from A.G.A.S.?
How can I contact custom service?
Production times
What is the common flag finishing?
What are the printing methods we use?

What Products does A.G.A.S. offer?

We offer Custom Promotional products to Distributors, Wholesale and end customers. We are the direct manufacturers for many of the products that we offer for more information please visit any of our websites: www.carflag.com, www.custommadeflags.com, www.flagstore1.com, www.custombanner.com, schoolboosterclubfundraiser.com.

What is A.G.A.S. specialty?

A.G.A.S. specialized in custom flags, custom car flags, stock flags, custom banners, custom stick flags, booster club custom products and other promotional products.

How can I order products from A.G.A.S.?

If you wish to order products from us please call toll free 1-866-269-3524 or email us at: sales@agasmfg.com.
Please also view our online catalog for more product information. You can download an order form and send it by email of fax.

How can I contact customer service?

Visit the AGAS Customer Service website in order to submit inquiries about any issues with your order. You can also submit requests for returns on stock products and find answers to common questions.


We guarantee a response to your inquiry on the customer service site within 1 business day.

If your issue is urgent, we will do our best to respond sooner.


A.G.A.S. offers different shipping options for specific information on our shipping process please visit: www.custommadeflags.com

Production Times

Our normal production time is 2-3 weeks from artwork approval. We also offer quick turn arounds and other rushed order solutions. For more information regarding our production times please visit: www.customamdeflags.com


AGAS accepts most major credit cards, check, or wire transfer for more information regarding payment process and options visit:www.custommadeflags.com


AGAS offers a wide variety of packaging to fit your needs.
Standard packaging or Bulk packaging is dependent on the product and is done so to allow for the most efficient use of space and to meet all shipping requirements. If you need to display or gift your items you pay want to consider specialized packaging.For more information regarding packaging please visit: www.custommadeflags.com

What is the common flag finishing?

Flags are typically finished in one of two ways, either with a header and grommets or with a pole sleeve. The finishing depends on how the flag will ultimately be displayed and the requirements of the pole or hardware being used. for more information regarding flag finishing and stitching please visit: www.custommadeflags.com

What printing methods do we use?
A.G.A.S. offer a variety of printing methods to fit your product need - screen sublimation, digital print, and 4 color process print. For information about how to print on blanks please visit: www.custommadeflags.com
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