A.G.A.S. provides a proffesional design team that will be available to service your design needs.

Our design team will provide a digital mockup for your products. This mockup is used to communicate our product line with our customers to ensure your product will be produced accuratly and proffesionaly.

Please view bellow for more specific information about our artwork requierments and templates that will assist you in preparing your own graphics.
Artwork General

AGAS prefers artwork files that are PDF or Adobe illustrator in vector format, with fonts outlines to paths.  We realize that this is not always available and will try and work with any artwork provided.

If the artwork is not supplied in a way that is ready for print the artwork will have to be rebuilt.  Depending on the complexity of the artwork and the quality of the files provided an additional fee may be charged.  The first hour of work is always free of charge; each additional hour is $25 per hour. 


In this section you can find templates for our featured products. You can download the templates and use them to place your graphics and send it to us with your order.

Car Flags:


Stick Flags:



If you do not have any artwork or incomplete artwork AGAS has a full staffed design team that can assist you in creating the artwork needed for your project. 

If you are interested in having AGAS create your artwork please speak with a sales representative.
When known please provide the PMS colors for your artwork.  This will speed up the process of artwork approval and avoid any mistakes.


In order to insure that the custom product you ordered is exactly what you receive all custom orders go through the graphic approval process.  After your order is placed you will receive an email.

This email will contain a digital mock up of your flag.  To the best of our ability, this is a highly accurate representation of your final product.  Please respond to the graphics team with any question or changes to the mock up. 

Graphic Approval

No production can go in to production until a mock up has been approved. 

During production this mock up will be used as a guide so it is extremely important that that you review each and every aspect of the mock up to insure that it is correct. 

After graphics approval the order is sent straight to production.  At this point no further changes can be made to the graphics.


Always Check

The PMS colors
The finishing (including sleeve size when applicable)
The material
The ply
Accessories (when applicable)


Contact Us:
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST
email: sales@agasmfg.com