AGAS uses the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as a standardized way to insure the correct color is printed on every product. PMS offers hundreds of colors for all types of printing. Each color is given a 3 or 4 digit number and a letter(s) on the end. For printing on fabric AGAS used the "Coated" colors.

It is very important that you refer to the "Coated" colors as they vary from the "Uncoated" and other forms of PMS colors. For example, the United States flag is PMS 193c (red) and PMS 281c (blue). Read More
PMS Colors

When you are picking PMS colors or reviewing a mock up it is important not to relay on your computer screen for an accurate representation of the color. Each and every computer screen shows colors differently and there is no way to know exactly what the color is just by viewing it on your screen.

Each mock up has the PMS colors listed, it is important to check these numbers against a PMS color chart to insure that you are receiving the correct colors. If you do not have a PMS color chart, most print shops and paint stores have them on hand, just make sure you ask to see a "Coated" chart.

Color Awareness

Please be aware that recreating a color exactly is extremely difficult. While our talented production team has 10 years of experience matching colors it is done by hand in most cases and must be tailored to each material, as each material will show a color slightly differently.

In most cases the variation is extremely small and well within industry accepted colors variations. If you feel that your product is not the correct color, always check it outside in natural light.

Standard Colors Used:

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